Last Call of the First Laureate

The term of our first Santa Clara County Poet Laureate, Nils Peterson, is drawing short. And so, it seems, is the format for his lastest call for poetry…

As reposted from Nils’ blog:

During the month of January, I’ll be looking for what I call “haiku-ish” things. The poems must have 3 lines and have no more than 17 syllables. The true haiku has certain formal requirements which we are ignoring here. This will be our own casual Santa Clara County form.

Yet try to do interesting things with line lengths and endings. The poems should be all related in some way to our county, public poems rather than personal ones, though that can be a difficult distinction.

In the month of March, we will post them—2 or 3 poems a day—on the laureate website.

Please submit your poems by email to

The deadline is February 7, 2011.

You can find submission details and examples of “haiku-ish things” on Nils’ blog.

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