January Report: Like Dreams from History

What a great way to begin the year! We enjoyed one of the largest audiences we’ve had in a while, and it’s no wonder why: Tamam Kahn’s reading was astonishingly rich in culture, history, and musicality. She is truly inspiring, and her book, Untold, A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad, is lovely.

One particularly fun surprise came when Tamam recited an alternate version of one her poems… in rap!

The regulars were in good form during open mic, but two particular newcommers, Lincoln high-school students Jael Cruz and Anthony Garcia each delivered fine poems (reading from their cell phones) in addition to a heads-up about a poetry event at their school sometime around April (the exact date is yet to be set).

This reading was also the first in which WGPP accepted submissions for publication. Stay tuned on that front.

One thought on “January Report: Like Dreams from History

  1. It was a wonderful evening and super way to begin the new year and the WGPP. Looking forward to the unfolding of this great endeavor!

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