Open-Mic Readers, January 2011

The following readers presented poems at the open mic on January 20:

Harry Lafnear “If You Should Be Lost”
Barbara McMorrine “Pearl Harbor”
Nick Butterfield “Hands in Waiting,” plus three Haiku from Athena Alexandrou, his granddaughter (age 11): “Gym Class,” “Maddy’s Hair,” and “Old Typewriter”
Casey FitzSimons “Visit to the Ward”
Len Anderson “In My Seventeenth Lifetime”
Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Magnolia Soulangiana”
Jerry Dyer “Dumb Drunk”
Jackie Marderosian “In a Dark Kitchen”
Ioana Gheorghiu “Happy Meal”
Ted Gehrke “Casino Bar” (Haiku), “The Turn,” and (Untitled)
Kevin Arnold “Separated”
David Eisbach “Perception” (Introduction) and “Disapprobation”
Bill Cozzini “August Extract”
Jael Cruz (Untitled)
Anthony Garcia “Contemplating About the Meaning of Contemplating”
Vuong Vu “Kingdom”
Sandip Bhattacharya (3 Haiku)
Pushpa MacFarlane “A Ride on the Muni”
Dennis Richardson “Penjing,” a visual poem 
Christine Richardson “4 AM”

Poets, please let us know if our list needs corrections or additions. Names and titles are easy to miss in the excitement of the evening.

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