David Eisbach

I was behind an elderly lady,
who was driving just below the limit.
She was talking to someone not there.
An old argument, now she’ll win it

A second woman driving,
spoke to a man at her side.
His face was an expression
of need with nowhere to hide.

I tend to drive on automatic pilot
toward some spot on a distant plane.
At every turn that matters, my wife
reminds me again and again

Her driving preference seems to be,
to speed up and abruptly use the brakes.
I favor smoother increase and stops.
We don’t agree on what it takes.

The specter’s at my shoulder.
My days are surely numbered.
I must soon turn over the reins
And then pretend to slumber.

Of the two scenes along the way
Do not ask which I would choose.
The demands of age hold more sway
It’s one more constant that we lose.

One thought on “Traffic

  1. Hey, David, your driving scenarios as metaphors for attitudes and human interaction make me wonder how people got their feelings out before cars were invented. Backseat driving and road rage are just points on a continuum of communication disguised as taking care of business. Very insightful.

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