Already Gone

—Nick Butterfield  

What I mistook for you
Was really a star.

& those 2 tumbleweeds
In the desert that don’t move
That would be us.

For we are already gone
Like the stars
Whose light we see.

I’ve already dug my hole
To China.

The sand dunes rumbled,
Tea Kettles chimed
Against each other.

Rocks moved, not seen
Skidding to a stop
Right before we looked.

Wiley Coyote winked at us
The Road Runner was seen

sipping tea at the Furnace Creek Inn
at High Noon.

Fossils  found atop of
Gold Canyon ..of  a light breeze
On shallow water. .

There in Death Valley
We saw a wheel larger then us.

And found the Moon
To really be the Sun.

&  in the cold night,
the warm blanket
was you.

Ravens talked, mostly to
Anyone lost in the desert..

..something about finding
Paul Simon’s last guitar pick.

One thought on “Already Gone

  1. Right away I could tell the inpiration was your trip to Death Valley. You have grown so much in your poetry, Beautifully done. Keep up the lovely words

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