Every Time

— Christine Richardson

    “Every time you think of dying, don’t.”
          — Frank Buckles, oldest American survivor WWI
               Feb.1,1901 –  Feb. 23, 2011

Every time you seek the truth, don’t.
     I set out on the crooked path to find
     the stones with hammered truths.
     By the time I came upon them
     Elements had taken the last word.

Every time you go for gold, don’t.
     Heading west, I packed a pick-axe, a head lamp,
     Enough hard tack to last a lifetime.
     By the time I reached my vein of discovery,
     A ghost town had taken over.

Every time you think of dying, don’t.
     I went shopping for my funeral clothes,
     In the dressing room, I asked the clerk,
     “Does this shroud make me look dead.”
     “Yes,” she said.
     I left without buying a thing.

2 thoughts on “Every Time

  1. Great poem. I especially like the imagery in the second stanza. You were committed to the persona of the gold miner, and at the end with the ghost town, the sentiment paid off handsomely. And LOL, who doesn’t love the last stanza. Shrouds always make me look dead–and fat!

  2. Way outa here! Funny, sobering, useful – succinctly stated. Gonna remember when buying my next 1000th bargain tee shirt at Salvation Army. M.

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