Favorite Colors

—  Hudson Washburn

Brown, she said, is not a color,
It’s a shade of yellow,
Or a shade of red.
Shall we call it orange then?

Half my world mislabeled.
The other half gray,
A shade of white – black,
Disembodied blur, in fact.

She gets confused like that,
The early morning road sign – Slow Newt Crossing –
Then speeding through three states
Searching for sirens in the rear-view mirror.

I am but a vapor of this world myself,
Drifting along a ledge,
A spectral sea, fearfully blue, below,
Faulted sandstone, threatening red, above.

One thought on “Favorite Colors

  1. The use of colors here is genius–not just for imagery, but to elicit mood and impression. Love the image "a spectral sea, fearfully blue, below." It gives me chills!

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