The Green Unfurling

— Robbie Sugg

The green unfurling

of leaf
single shoot straight up
pointed tip
unraveling birth, the devotion
of cells at work.

The opening and the
beckoning of penetration
by light –
“The receptive gives way
to the creative”

Offshoots, new beginnings
roots weave effortless thru
volcano soil.

Under the mac nut tree where we smoked last year
wind in the bamboo and eucalyptus
The old bench droops lower than it did last spring
Wet with rain and fog of
one thousand mornings.

To Hawaiians the god of rain
is rain.
Blue wet haze fade back
Mist down in sheets and swells
dodging blankets of sun.

Sink in
feed roots
become fruit.

One thought on “The Green Unfurling

  1. This is a modern version of Dylan Thomas’ "The Force that Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower." This is awesome! Give me some of whatever you guys were smoking under the mac nut tree. Please!

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