— Dennis Richardson

I had a vision this morning.
It began sometime after 5 a.m.
I saw people as small worlds,
atoms buzzing around their bodies,
the phrase, when worlds collide,
suddenly making sense.

Do we have magnetic fields
pushing and pulling us around?
Is there a compass inside us
pointing the way as we
gravitate to some people,
repel from others?

I know we exchange electrons,
I’ve seen sparks in the eyes of lovers.
But is it our uncharged neutrons
that have us pass others by,
and do positive protons negotiate
to open the doors of friendship?

Not being a robot, I thought I made
my own decisions based on feelings alone.
Now I question the basis of my choices:
were they felt or directed by some force?
And my mean regrets, are they mine or can I
dismiss them, say I was compelled?

One thought on “Questions

  1. This is great–quantum poetry! Dennis, you sir, are full of quarks—I am mean, quirks!

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