Sonia Semyonovna

— Christine Van Winkle

You don’t affect him
Like he infects you,
So what? Inch forward,
Day by day,
Mug by mug of lovely Sanka.
Whistle by your samovar,
Hop upon a tram-line car,
Gambol off to Petrograd,
Hear Nevsky Market’s fine this year!
Raskolnikov writ in reverse
It will get better, never worse,
You’ve got a friend in Russia, dear.

One thought on “Sonia Semyonovna

  1. Funny how when you read this poem, I thought it was a sonnet with its refined language and subtle rhymes. On second reading, I see that it’s not a sonnet, but just seemed like one because it was so well done! Great job!

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