Burger King

— David Alexandrou

I drove up to the drive through thinking
Is this what I want?
Cuz, after all
We are what we eat.

I asked myself again,
Is this how I should start off my Thursday?

I’ll take a Whopper with cheese, large fries and a coke.

I sat there listening to horrific radio and thought
I’m just being too hard on myself.
I should relax and blend in with the rats once in a while.

I sat hypnotized staring at all of the deadly choices.

What is taking so long?
How come the car in front of me hasn’t moved?

Paramedics pulled up behind me. They walked up to the Honda in front
And pulled out a big fat dead guy.

I thought to myself
Maybe I’ll have a Jamba Juice instead
Jamba Juice is full of sugar and I’ll be depressed two hours later.

I hear Bukowski:
“I’ll just sit here and drink this beer.  A L L  R I I I I ght.”

Gawd, I love him!

One thought on “Burger King

  1. What a great absurdist poem! Like life, this poem is both sad and funny. Thank God for beer!

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