— David Eisbach

“Gloria” erupted like thunder
“in excelsis deo.”
Just as Vivaldi wrote it,
Glory to God in the highest!

A church was the venue.
Twelve dollars was the fare.
The orchestra sat in black
The chorus was tense and aware

I learned to sing in a choir
songs of faith and love
I served before the altar
waiting for what’s above

Though I’d sung this phrase
A hundred times or more
A personal visit from Jesus
Just wasn’t in the score

“Agnus Dei, filius patris”
Dulcet tones, diction clear
Lamb of God, Son of the father
English or Latin no one’s here

“Qui tollis pecata mundi”
He, who takes away
the sins of the world
remains silent as the grave

“Miserere nobis”
Have pity on us
Time of expectation
Time of disappointment

Waiting for the call on high
does seem a little remote
But there’s wonder in the music
down to the very last note

One thought on “Gloria

  1. Amen to that, David! What a glorious poem–and perfect for the Easter season. I am not particularly religious myself, but around this time of year–perhaps because of springtime or perhaps of my loving Catholic upbringing–I believe in something greater beyond death–and life. I heard angels when you read this poem.

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