— Millicent Kellogg

I steal a ray from the  morning sun
pocket a ripple from the crooked creek
I capture a wave of the Pacific tide
and make off with a gust of wind.

It is not enough

I rob a leaf from a slumbering tree,
run off with a sunflower petal
I pluck the down from overhead geese
and poach a dandelion adrift in air.

I need still more

I cradle a tear of rain in my palm,
stuff a cloud in the cuff of my jeans.
I reap the notes of the caroling moon
and keep for myself the colors of twilight.

Perhaps these will do

I gather the whispers of love
sweep up the fragrance of rose
I corner the warmth of lapping flames
and harvest the shadows of rice

I loot these things and carry them home
to caress and hold up to the light.
I am a thiefimmensely rich
in love with plundering the earth.

One thought on “Thief

  1. Thieve away! I daresay that all this form of plunder and pillage would certainly purify ourselves…A wonderful poem, Millicent.

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