Featuring Harry Lafnear, May 2011

Harry Lafnear is a founding member of the Association of Poetry Podcasting, and of the Willow Glen Poetry Project. He is also the Assistant Treasurer of Poetry Center San Jose.

Harry is an award winning poet and a showcased poetry performer. His work has been featured on IndieFeed Performance Poetry, Cloudy Day Art, Slam Idol, PoetGuru, and in Poems About Santa Clara County. His audio podcast, The Everyday Muse, was syndicated on BZoO Worldwide Radio Online.

Professionally, Harry has co-authored the classic Time Bandit video game series, plotted data from the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, and run a Las Vegas sign shop specializing in fine-art giclée. His present occupation also mixes technology and art: Harry is a technical publications expert and graphic designer for IBM.

Harry currently lives in Milpitas, California, with his spouse, Stephen.

Open mic to follow.

If you wish to be included in this Willow Glen Poetry Project, please bring a hardcopy of your poem to the event, and also email it to us (see the Submissions page). Of course, it’s perfectly okay if you just want to read without submitting.

The reading will take place
Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 7 p.m.
Willow Glen Branch Library
1157 Minnesota Avenue, San Jose, 95125

One thought on “Featuring Harry Lafnear, May 2011

  1. Jerry–With all due respect, I disagree. My response was bovine-nafide. (Get it? Bovine+bonafide=bovine-nafide). Okay, okay, I have to admit that’s pretty bad, but really, I have no beef about milking "cattle" references for a few laughs, unless it’s some kind of sacred cow of yours. Besides, I’ve got nothing at steak in writing inane comments. So let’s moooooove on, shall we?

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