Open-Mic Readers, May 2011

The following readers presented poems at the open mic on May 19:

Nick Butterfield “Finding Me”
Tim Tomasi “7”
Dennis Noren “Bypassing the Menu”
Kelly Cressio-Moeller “An Elegy, Almost”
Christine Van Winkle “Some Kind of Southerner”
Casey FitzSimons “Sewing”
David Richardson “Hands”
Jerry Dyer “I Forget”
Sandip Bhattacharya “May”
Dave Eisbach “Joy Unbound”
Mary Lou Taylor “An Appreciation of Madness”
Stephanie Pressman “Bearings”
Sara Aurich “Monument”
Dennis Richardson “At Issue”
Pushpa MacFarlane “And So the Green Goes”
Vuong Vu “Fried Chicken”
Robbie Sugg “Every Year a Peregrine Falcon Nests in City Hall”
John Landry “Dancing to the Music”
Aviva Carmen “Dreams”
Marty Saunders “Fine Arts”
Camille “Anthropology”
Bonnie George “If I Become Homeless”
Kevin Arnold “Free, Fly, Back, Breast”
Tresha Haefner “2006-2011”
Katie Carter “25¢ per Day”
Christine Richardson (Untitled)

Poets, please let us know if our list needs corrections or additions. Names and titles are easy to miss in the excitement of the evening.

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