May Report: Tracing the Line

Harry Lafnear, May’s featured poet, read from his new chapbook entitled Tracing the Line.

His poems quized, soothed, inspired and made us laugh. My favorite was his “stalker poem” [his words] called “You Compel Me” in which he describes all manner of invasive, torturous tests and procedures to find any vestige of a love that’s graphically finished. He even charmed and tickled the audience with the humor in “the rap” piece, “Spotlight,” which will appear in May’s group of poems.

Harry is a member of the PCSJ Board and is the technical and organizational force in the formation and continuation of this site. He offered his chapbook free to those who became members of PCSJ for the first time.

The open mic fielded twenty-six presenters, with most of them submitting their poems to our site. The quality and breadth of the poetry was extraordinary.

The group welcomed a first-time reader and new-comers with enthusiasm and grace. We are delighted to see young poets from high schools and colleges coming regularly.

Reported by Dave Eisbach

One thought on “May Report: Tracing the Line

  1. I had a truly wonderful time reading AND listening at May’s reading, And not only that, I wanted you to know that your generosity with the books earned $230 to be split among PCSJ and the WGPP anthology production. Thank you all!

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