Dancing to the Music of the Spheres

— John Landry

Living for the benefit
of all living things,
the Earth turns
in D-flat major
dwelling neither in the past
nor in some imagined future
the rivers crossed lead
to more rivers to cross
nothing is separate
everything’s connected

polis is I’s
after all
in the common wealth we are
a gathering of energies
an amazing coincidence of nature
grateful for the chance
to begin again to heal not harm
everything is the hinge upon which
everything is hinged

the heat of action rises
from the compost of our dreams
what we practice
what we nurture
that’s where our values lie

the only revolution
is the revolution of the heart
which beats its mantra: change change change
and we are not who we were a moment ago

we are a collage of fragments
engaged by the rush of
generous land
generous sea

tossing superstition to the curb
and walking through myth
stepping into the present
bowing to the light of life
in each other’s eyes

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