At Issue

— Dennis Richardson

Being a mathematics teacher,
I struggle with rectifying the normal curve
To fit it with today’s realities:
2% of the people with 98% of the wealth.
It really skews the graph to the right.
I know the curve hates it.
In fact, it keeps poking me at night,
Gets me up at 4 A.M.
Drags me to the computer,
Makes me write letters to the editor
That don’t get published.
In fact, it’s killing me.  I need rest!
And why does it always have to be me,
An Aquarius, bearing this heavy jug
To people who only want to make tea?
Don’t they know the answer is balance,
Something called a normal distribution.
Nature does it with her seasons in four cycles
While we watch the pendulum swing back and forth
On its extreme swings never stopping at balance.
In a sense, this is why we fought the revolutionary war.
We need a mean with standard deviations, no outliers.
No matter how I use the data, wealth or
Population, it skews sharply to the left
Or right, both stabbing me in the back.
I need peace people!
You can still be rich, but natures curve,
The normal curve and I, want balance.

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