Everything is Temporary

— Pushpa MacFarlane

Bite-sized moments
in minimalistic periods of time

are instantly shot into oblivion—
disappear as they occur
vanish like soap bubbles, their rainbows
wafting mid-air.

12:00 ante merīdiem:
the gateway of time.

The present tip-toes past
as a polar bear might gently bobble
on a pinhead, careful
not to crack the ice,

and instantly
that too, is gone—
another meltdown.

A little particle of sand
presses against the
top half of the hour glass,
hesitant to move.

That is my last hope.

It makes all the difference
between then

and now.

One thought on “Everything is Temporary

  1. I feel for that bear, and for that grain of sand. It’s beautiful how you capture that desire to hold back time: why can’t I catch up, get ahead?

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