The Cow Condition

— Dale Carrasco

When the cow is too hot it mooooos
and can not imagine it will ever be too cold,

or if it is too cold . . . ever again too hot

when hungry the cow moooos
and can never imagine ever again too full,

or if too full . . . that it should ever again hunger

and when full of milk the cow moooos
and can barely imagine relief

but relieved, cannot remember it being
so bad, really

the cow sees grass, and water, the barn . . .
and tits or horns,
what else matters . . . poetry? the psyche?
maybe once . . . a cow epiphany

Yes, maybe . . . but you know . . .
When the flame is bright,
could anything ever again be dull?
but when dull . . . the flame is only cow remembered

Cows have buddies and pals, and longings,
and without them is lonely . . . self sorry, feeling the worst
but why do they dirty on the lawn
and pee where one takes one’s thirst?

Surely sunny days follow rainy days,
and rainy days follow sunny days,
but wet or dry, hot or cold, it is always COW,
and that never changes

fortunately “WE” are not cows,
. . . ha, ha, hAAA
“WE” have opposable thumbs !

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