I’m Overloaded

— David Eisbach

I’m overloaded; the price of gold’s exploded.
Congressman Weiner has disclosed
on Twitter, in underwear, he posed.
Murdock’s News is guilty of hacking.
Evidence of ethics is totally lacking.

I’m exposed, I want these wars closed.
After paying taxes here and there,
Now Ryan wants to kill Medicare.
Congress is out to kill the EPA
and all the wolves along the way.

I’m a wreck facing high tech
Can’t keep up with what’s going on,
IPod, Face Book, Apps and Groupon.
About my phone, my dismay lingers
It’s tiny buttons are made for baby fingers.

The Arab Spring is the latest thing.
Gaddafi and Assad both insist,
their people love them, why do they resist?
The Israelis are busy populating Palestine
While America says whatever they do is fine.

I’m a justice seeker, but growing weaker.
Why are big corporations free
to pay Congress anonymously?
All this talk of the debt limit
Disgust is what I’m feeling.

In drought, and when it’s storming
Some still deny global warming.
BP has mucked up the Gulf’s shore.
They’ll dance on the court house floor.
Palin’s responding to the spill
Is “Drill Baby Drill!”

I am so tired, Arnold says he sired
a child out of lust. He’s the self-incriminator.
It’s Maria’s turn to become the terminator.
Gas is four dollars; bell pepper a buck and a half.
They’re not considered inflation, Isn’t that a laugh?

I am weary and certainly leery.
The corporations are on fire.
Why then don’t they hire?
Homes and cities are under water.
Banks could do more, they ought a!

My concentration has imploded.
My senses have eroded.
I’m just overloaded.

One thought on “I’m Overloaded

  1. I’m in constant awe of your poetic bravery, David. Though the humor is black, it’s of the laugh-so-that-we-don’t-cry variety. We all love to rant about such thingsm byt so many folks go too far over the top. You walk a beautiful line because there is a hopeful heart at the core of this poem–a sweetness in being sincerely flumoxed over how such depravity is possible. Well done.

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