The Winds of Change

— Lesa Medley

There were signs and signals all winter
they were all around me,
if I had been paying attention . . .
and if I had been open, and receptive,
alert to what the universe was trying to tell me.
If I had taken the time to get still,
to be quiet and just listen
to those small, sweet voices,
those whispers from deep inside;
my own intuition was speaking to me
telling me what I need to do,
what I must do.
It was there all along,
the guidance I was seeking,
my inner compass
was directing me, nudging me
to my own true north.
It is now Spring,
the winds of change are blowing,
I am paying attention and I am listening.
I don’t need to be afraid or weak,
I just need to find the strength and the courage
to do what I must do.
I am ready, to take that first step,
it may be a baby step . . .
but it will be the right step,
heading in the direction that I am to go.

One thought on “The Winds of Change

  1. The image that comes to my mind is of a pony on a ridge letting its nostrils flare slightly to the fresh breeze of a morning. Listening to within … I am practicing myself but … but still …. I am impatient to be perfect, and I keep getting hit on the head. Dumb perseverance is my only hope. An inspiring poem. D. Carrasco

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