August Report: The Butterfield Retrospective

Listening to the poems of Nick Butterfield, Willow Glen’s featured reader in August, was most enjoyable. His poems covered a sweeping arc of time, forming a long train of life experiences, delivered in refreshingly clear language.

Poems like, “Oak Knoll Naval Hospital,” “A Lover’s Wish with HIV,” and “Persimmons Have Thin Skin,” exposed the soul of a Naval Corpsman and Nurse who has seen suffering, but also gained courage, sensitivity, and a life’s course. Other poems captured his views on nature and life, as expressed in the “Cypress on the Monterey Coast,” “Becoming Native,” “Raptures I,” and “Raptures II.” And yet other works meld life and its questions, as in “Raising the Titanic,” “Please Don’t Write,” and “Counting Tigers is Dangerous…feet won’t touch the ground…” It was indeed a wonderful retrospective of an enriched life.

Nick’s reading also brought out very good performances at the open mic, with some wonderful works of humor, as well as vibrant drama, many of which will be presented on this blog in the coming days.

Reported by Dave Eisbach & Harry Lafnear

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