Lemon Juice

— Christine Le

The guitarist, in the midst of notes, turns
his head
to hear
the scream
of the ambulance,
and plucks his string a little more painfully.

This is when Love is not something you do
and not something you give, but something you are.

It is when they’re talking about
who Kim Kardashian
is dating
and you bring up the Somalia that’s drying like a desert
that no sky wants to rain on.

But you give a rain.
You rain when your heart pours,
and you’re trying to get theirs to pour
as well,

what you’re doing is squeezing lemons
that don’t realize how much juice they have.

One thought on “Lemon Juice

  1. Thank you, Jerry. I came up with that beginning image while I was at a cafe, listening to a guitarist play and sing while an ambulance was howling as it made its way past the cafe. And I think the guitarist did turn his head briefly.

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