Shadow of the Tyrant King

— Harry Lafnear
The T-Rex had it made.
No one scolded him
For leaving the toilet seat up.
Monogamy was for the birds—
Which were barely in beta test.
Intestinal gasses where unrestrained.
There was no moderation.
There was no out-of-control.
Mz. Rex never caught shit
For how she raised her brood.
Time-outs? Ritalin? No,
If Junior ate the other kids,
He went to head of the class.
There were no apologies,
No Reptile Pope, no dino prayer
With stubby arms that wouldn’t steeple.
Of course it was kill or be killed,
But that just gave them all
More an excuse to swing.
Though with 160 million years
Under their proverbial alligator belts,
One could think the party
Might have dulled and Rex
Might have lifted his gaze
To see the comet wheeling overhead.
One could think
He would have halted
All his foolishness
And enlisted the archeopteryx
And the brontosaur
To help roll up his scaly sleeves
And do what must be done.
And one would think,
Having everything they lacked,
We would know better by now.

One thought on “Shadow of the Tyrant King

  1. Incredible! For much of the poem, I was laughing at these anthropomorphic dinosaurs, who were ugly, unreasonably cruel, and savage, only to be rocked by the ending of the poem with the realization that it was always about us humans! Wow!

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