— Hudson Washburn

Nothing is so confusing as reality,
As confusing so is nothing.
I search for truth where it is,
But already it wasn’t, and will be,
And will likely not be again.

The mirror reflects what it can,
What doesn’t come back is unknown,
Perhaps unknowable, I can’t tell.
Just as well, I can’t take it with me,
Even then God still will not know who I am.

The truth will set you free.
There is no doubt.
Symmetry will set you free,
Who can deny it?
All those paths through the maze,
The cheese green and moldy
Long before I get there.

Whatever is will not succumb to words.
That is all I know or need to know.
Alas, even mathematics is language,
A final utterance of the desperate.

n.b. Don’t get me wrong,
I have no theory of everything.
Indeed, I have no theory of nothing
And this is it;
Everything is wrong.

One thought on “Beauty

  1. The unknowable nature of reality, the nothing of nothingness, the illusory state of everything–Hudson Washburm, I think you are a Buddhist!

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