Surrendering September

— Harry Lafnear

The mist hangs back,
Crumpled against
The fractured ridge from
Madera to Mt. Umunhum.

Thirty days it waits,
Silvering the sky,
Softening shadows,
And stretching twilight
On its billowing back
Before breaking through
To quench the dust:

The road gone black,
The night gone gray,
And summer simply gone.

One thought on “Surrendering September

  1. My favorite time of the year–when summer slips into autumn, and you’ve captured it quite magically. For me, it is more than just cooler temperatures, but there is a solemn darkening of days, the silvers and shadows, the grey and black, the lengthening of twilight, and dust that hangs in the air like slow smoke from a fire. This is magical, Harry!

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