October Report: Blank!

Our October reader, Dean Rader so charmed the poetry brood that it elicited two different reports:

Per Vuong Vu: What a ______ reading! Dean Rader is so cool I want to _____ like him. And the open mic reading afterwards was the best ever. Dave’s poem made me _____ so much my mouth hurt. What a humorous, yet touching poem. (Seriously, Dave, you have the biggest ______, and it shows in your poems.) With his poem “My Paranoia,” Dennis (AKA, RAD) once again shows us that he is _______ as _____. But the star of the evening–besides Dean, that is–has to be Ainsley who recited her poem with so much heart that it moved me and made my _____ watery. Also, not sure if anyone else notice, but I heard the f___ word at least three times. That’s a record for us mild-mannered people. ______ you all for a great evening!

And per David Eisbach: Dean’s introductory remarks were as entertaining as the works he read. I suspect the words, “Alterity and Otherness” in his “Frog and Toad Confront the Alterity of Otherness” are home-made, and yet they are understandable. The theme in this poem touches on the notion of self and transformation with delightful phrasing, shifting moods, and tangential thought. It appears so serious, yet in the flick of a phrase, “that bastard knows I hate toast,” it toys with reality. Humor also abounds in his poem based on an exhibition of Paul Klee’s playful head. The tale is rich in descriptive lines like, “that eye needs a hammock” and “frozen snot” that wrap its completion in mirth.

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