GGGGG – My Favorite Coincidence

— Bonnie George

1974: Beginning Interior Design class
The Instructor is late—the class waits, doodling
Initials for logos when we become famous designers
I mention my son has five Gs in his name—but it wasn’t planned
It happened with adoption by his step-dad when we married
Now I’ve told that story many times before, and my anticipated question is,
“What is his name?” Not today! Karen, sitting next to me, catches me
Off guard and asks, “What was his name before?”
My reply brings her retort:
“Oh, I know a family with that last name”
I can’t move from this shock… I understand there’s only one family
In the U.S. with that name…and…here we sit dumbfounded…
It’s the same family—2400 miles away!
Our coincidence gets even better—
My ex-mother-in-law…next door neighbor to Karen’s parents
Gives my number to Karen before Karen moves from Georgia
To California, positive that we’re meant-to-be friends
Sure…Karen throws it away! And six months later
We meet in class at Laney College in Oakland
She lives in Walnut Creek, I lived in Alameda

Almost forty years later we remain very close friends…
Neither becomes an Interior designer!


Our minds fathoming fate and

One thought on “GGGGG – My Favorite Coincidence

  1. Not that I believe in it–or as least, I try not to–I love the concept of synchronicity, the interconnectedness if all things. When I was in college, I studied psychology and reveled in Carl Jung’s theories. I spoke with one of my professors about my love of Jung, and when she asked me why I loved him, I told her how I loved the philosophical and esoteric aspects of his theories, but they seem utterly impractical and useless for therapy. "Oh, really?", she said. Later I found out that the professor was a Jungian psychoanalyst. I am not if that was synchronicity or my own stupidity!

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