— David Eisbach

Halloween has always been a special day
It gives my imagination room.
A stove pipe hat and wooden rifle
made Laura a Royal Dragoon.

Ayshe was a “Pumpkin” in a green leaf mask
And a yellow pillow case fully padded.
The other was a “Viking” in a sheep skin rug.
A horned helmet and double bladed ax were added.

A penciled moustache made a gun-fighter,
with a Stetson hat, a six-shooter and a vest.
“Howdy Doody” in freckled paper Mache,
with strings and dungarees added to the rest.

My daughters’ girly friends came
as princess, ballerina and nurse.
While my girls clad by an inventive mind,
took a minor turn for the worse.

My sweating Viking swaddled in sheep skin,
looked more like a hairy burrito.
The padding shifted in my pumpkin girl
and she became a pear, incognito.

My grandkids are protected now.
Their costumes come directly from the store.
So send me your kids, if you need some help.
I still have a hundred ideas or more.

One thought on “Halloween

  1. David, I love this poem–fun, delightful, and at its core is a great big heart! The rhyming scheme matches perfectly the tone of the poem–the sweetness of it, its child-like playfulness! I can feel your glee!

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