The Art of Being Human (From a Dog’s View)

— Nick Butterfield

I have found a way through the madness.

I see black when Humans see red
And gray in place of green.

I haven’t a thumb to grasp what
Should not be held.

Nor have I a need for Stop Lights!
Especially while running in the rain.

I have No needs,
Except to teach a Human
That all things including the beautiful
Are gray in the dark.

And a ball is much more then a Ball
And a lick is sometimes
Just a Lick.

One thought on “The Art of Being Human (From a Dog’s View)

  1. What a delightful poem! Yes, dogs would make great people, wouldn’t they?!?! (But then, if they were humans, would they lose their dog-sense of simple happiness?)This poem reminds me of one of my favorites:Ask A Friend The Meaning Of Life By Philip WagnerMy dog always has a definite agenda:
    Find a place. Leave a mark.
    If some unknown thing smells outrageous
    roll in it.She makes me feel complicated, worryingabout what I’m supposed to bemoral, rich, or respected.I ask her an honest question then listen for the answerShe looks up with patient eyes that say, Please
    don’t bother your mind every five minutes
    about who you are… do something
    sensible with your life

    (long pause)
    scratch what itches. Discover
    things: fields and shoreline
    an old path… the lotus blue
    the marsh mouse
    the Aleutian goose
    Let’s nap in the afternoon
    in the blue grey thicket above
    the rabbit warren, there
    by the wicker of bat bonesI sit in silence a momentWe gaze up to the dish of stars. Above allshe says,
    know the joy
    of eating out of one bowl.

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