Everyday, Halfway to Nowhere

— Dale Carrasco

Me and my Jimmy shoes
Shuffl’en the sideways
under the freeways,
scanning the paper shards,
the menagerie of crapper wrappers,
expelled lotto chances, buttons,
glass encumbrances …

the usual quilt of yesterdays news
left vacant from forgotten time mostly
ignored before, during, and after
it all actually happened …
confusedly bringing
us to our present

the old man upstairs burns golden,
king of the moment , petting
the blue so soft that even the
cloud’s squeak has slide
beyond the horizon, while his
early blessing beads charm from my brow

and me struggling
to remember that
between my Jimmy shoes
and my birthday cap
I am the nose that knows
but can get no further

pop flash, on the outside
again …

Johnny cars stroll by
obeying most laws,
heat slaves in the line up
flogging the atmosphere
with their tails,
unruly they bugger each other
with impatience and
spit at the red lights

my Sheila tags with me
spouting sunshine
that lights the way,
her hand fondles mine
and I am human
when I feel or remember
to remember

outside the stationary Drews
are mostly drawn
vertical and rectangular
smirking at the Johnny
cars and there temporary
locations …

to be established,
that is the thing,
to be a cog of advantage in
the machinery of eventual desire …

processing, collecting the
fee, finding a shortcut,
serving some goal …

the knit of their brow … pure profit

ah the Drews …,
they will always be …
as long as the butterballs
roll on their two feet even
should true life contract to shanty shacks and bazaar stalls …

sailing on me wonders
if the sun never set ..
would THAT make life a one day affair.

One thought on “Everyday, Halfway to Nowhere

  1. Wow, Dale! As great as this is to read, I really enjoy hearing this being read. These is a such a delightful syncopation–a jive–to the language! And that description of the sun "petting the blue so soft" is pure gold!

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