History / Whoever Said

— Christine Richardson


Marie Antoinette spoke
On the record about the cake
Nobility never scraped
Off a blackened
Lesson: us


Whoever Said

Whoever said poetry should help
meant now
when the world did not knock
but blew down the front door,
upended the furniture,
tumbled the lamps,
spun the pictures off the hooks.
Then smashed through the back door
and left.
You still holding the telephone
to your ear.

One thought on “History / Whoever Said

  1. So if the first letters in the lines of the first poem spell out "MONOPOLY," then by the same logic, the second poem should spell the word "WMWBUTSTAYT." Wait…Is that Mongolian for something? I joke, I joke, Christine! I have always loved small poems. I find them much harder to write than longer poems, and these are great, well-crafted, succinct poems that cut with precision.

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