No Bad Poems

— Nick Butterfield

A poet will leave you something,
Not written or even said,

But maybe, shortly afterwards,
Just a slow Hmmm…

A good poem with accolades
will lay heavy
Hiding it’s purpose.

Words are not what they seem
Nor do they need to be shiny
Like snow on a Juniper.

It is more like the Bald Eagle
Dusty and thin.

I saw him on an old abandoned
Wooden pole at the end of a long trip
On a cattle road.

Out there, there were no luscious lakes
With juicy fish to squander , only mice
And other rodents.

It’s eyes, sharp and clear is what I remember.
Later, I turned and it was gone…

     hmmm… Hmm.

One thought on “No Bad Poems

  1. Nick, you’re right! The essence of poetry is beyond what is written or said. It is not the words, but what the words hold. The poem is not the eagle, and the eagle is not the poem, yet in the eagle, one finds the essence of poem. As such, this is not so much a poem as a negation of a poem–and that is what makes it sublime poetry.

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