Shared Light: A Community Antholgy

At last night’s reading, we proudly announced our first anthology, Shared Light. From the back cover:

A community celebration of the live poetry presented each month at the Willow Glen poetry readings. For years, this Silicon Valley venue has provided a welcoming place for a talented array of well-known featured readers and local poets to share the beauty and power—the light—of their words. This anthology reflects this ongoing poetic tradition, collecting some of their most luminous poems of 2011.

Shared Light will be available at our January 19, 2012 reading.

Thanks to some wonderful donations, each included author will get one free copy. And because this is a community effort, additional copies will be available roughly at cost while supplies last: $5 each (picked up at the reading) or $8 each (if shipping is required).

Limited copies are being made, so if you would like to reserve some, please contact us (see the About Us page).

And open-mic readers: Please continue to submit your monthly poems for consideration in Volume 2, now calling!

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