Backyard Parade

—Dale Carrasco

A young kitty runs across the top plank
of my high back fence,
but trailing on are two teen toms,
and suddenly,
my fence is quite cat dense.

The toms trail her,
following, but not daring a pounce,
The kitty, she was fluid, unmindful,
each paw flashing ounce to ounce.

But the obstruction I placed,
athwart the plank,
since I was tired of collecting their toll each day…
was a full stop through what she tried to persist
by considering each which way and way.

She scanned the top pickets that I had place
as modifications needed to
slow a cats pace…

She’s stood up on the barrier,
but that I too had fortified,
for before was flattened
a thing that I had tried.

right and left her head
searched high and low,
I was gloating for
obviously it was cat no-go

desperately kitty began to reach below,
pawing for that “beyond,”
trying to get a hold for her nail,
alas for kitty, it was always
a fail

The #1 teen tom was sitting watching
back a bit from her rump,
though when first she had stopped
he had had an inadvertent little bump

Kitty, now, made a fateful reach…
it was apparently just too far…
but… disappearance and then reappearance and
she’s off like smoke from a cigar

what kind of joke is this I thought…

somehow by hook or crook
almost falling she had caught an edge,
then like a rubber band had instantly
sprung back upon the ledge…
and as I say, was gone

teen tom #2, behind teen tom #1,
by the way,
was hardly a spectator,
for he had early turned away,

he fancied the birds
singing in the lemon tree,
forgoing the drama
which he make have but heard
but causally didn’t see

But now teen tom # 1,
his astonishment complete…
…like… where was
Little Miss kitty treat?…
was going nuts,
all frantic activity but his every
turn yielding “whats?” and “buts”

he madly repeated each previous
kitty cat move,
but lacked her cool…
was not in her groove…

stymied, yet all action
he solved his problem in short

he looked up
he looked down,
squinted, reached
then fell to the ground

it was a scratching
tumble to be exact,
not graceful at all…
but mindful of his mission
was up and off
and along the wall

Teen tom # 3
was now Johnny
on the spot,
but simply looked left
leaped right and was down
then up, then a disappearing dot… no sweat.

Wow I thought…
That was the best,
much to digest,

but on a non philosophical
note… success!
for my yard now sports
much less cat mess….


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