Remembering His Son’s Birthday

—Nick Butterfield

It was Joseph who listened to Mary
          When she awoke with a dream so vivid.

Maybe, he heard of the Angel visit later
          And dropped what he was doing. 

From the beginning, this child required faith.

Inside a book, there is a picture of a star
          That fell while it was flying.

To this day it lies flat and even with the ground
          Where his Son was  born.

Had no one heard of his dreams?
          A Son to love and follow after himself.

The Son for whom he carved an animal from a piece of wood
          And who ran around the house in joyful glees.

On his Son’s birthday, Joseph wasn’t whom Saviors came from
          And Mary was his wife

who cooked him breakfast every morning
          and would bake some bread for later.

Joseph, like all fathers who never know what their kids will become
          rose each morning and did what he could do.

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