Some Assembly Required, batteries not included

— Robert Pesich

The Christmas toys are torn apart
and reassembled several times
into cracked mishmashes of the original
before Easter rolls around.

“Listen. You’ve heard all this before.”
says one small video gamebook
over and over in the garden
it’s screen hopelessly scratched.

Ok. I admit, I still love puppet plays.
Just the other day the kids went wild
not long after the second act.
The Horse managed to run away

but they got to the Prince and the Frog
to try it themselves, just once.
The Princess, last seen leaving
in the coat pocket of one of the parents.

Still missing, the long green Snake
with black stripes and red tongue,
no doubt hiding in our house
in a corner or under a bed

observing our movements
while slowly growing gray
under the daily accretion of dust
that once was our skin.

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