This Side of Christmas

—Dennis Richardson

It seemed to me that I should have a Christmas
Poem for the Christmas poetry reading,
Not thinking of it until two weeks before,
A Christmas poem on demand, Xfinity
Of the Xmas spirit, the Christmas muse
Wrapped in Autumn leaves, crackling
As she walks in, or should I say is blown in,
Fierce winds not amusing the muse.

So here we sit, my heart beginning to melt.
Two dear friends recently deceased, a new
Grandson, the only one to bear my last
Name, born five days before my birthday,
The give and the take of living,
The take and the give of reality,
Unbending sorrow somehow connected
To unbounded joy at the heart of it,

The dichotomy of the season and year,
Christmas, Life and death in the same breath,
Somehow to celebrate together in a poem.
I thanked the muse, the wind having died.
Venus had risen in the night sky as beacon,
I send her home, two more lines to go for form.
It’s hard to sing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
When you’re feeling Silent Night.

One thought on “This Side of Christmas

  1. I love the way you capture dichotomies in this poem Dennis! Brilliant. Deft touches too: Xfinity for Xmas…ah, the spirit of commerce! Your poems always do two things AT ONCE, that is my own sense of craft: carry a message, a mood, a point; and carry it with a sense of form, of structure. Wonderful.

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