— Millicent Kellogg

Impossibly Pink
Improbable color for a mascot
Indelibly Pink

Living on the savannah with others
who are gray and wrinkled
have black and white stripes
are mud colored tan or
rock colored black.

And there you are,
Standing in the water
Definitely Pink
With a lumpy head on a very long neck
Legs that could reach the center of the earth
Feathers miming pink feather boas
All of it Pink

Who would adopt you as a mascot—maybe
Little old ladies sporting big pink hats
Little baby girls preening in pink
Gardeners with an abundance of pink Pinks

Survivors and friends who wear pink ribbons

Who should adopt you as a mascot?
The millions with no surprises in life
who never question the burlesque of existence
who think they have cornered all the markets.

Who will adopt you as a mascot—pretty in pink?
You will be my mascot, because I have survived
and you are weirdly inspiring
dazzling and unimaginable
splendidly unpredictable
Every thing a mascot should be.

Did I mention Pink?

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