Old Boots

— Ron Pavellas

Stockholm’s streets were covered
With melting ice and snow and,
As my feet placed themselves more carefully,
I wondered why they were this cautious.

My feet and legs knew the inevitable truth
Before it reached my consciousness—
My boots were getting too old for this.

Yes, the soles were becoming smooth,
Yet still clean and firm in countenance,
Like the wearer, older and still in the game,
But plainly presenting this truth.

We have walked up Half Dome two times,
And have together navigated endless miles
In the hills and mountains
Of San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Nevada.

And in Sweden, too,
Many kilometers of hill and dale and forest,
Berg och dal och skog.
And streets and paths throughout Stockholm.

So I, somewhat sadly,
Wondered how, respectfully and well
(And inexpensively)
To replace these old and worthy friends.

The answer would come
In its own time.
One should not rush
To replace old with new.

One thought on “Old Boots

  1. Lovely how the boots were called "old and worthy friends." How they’ve been a part of your life, the stories they can tell.This reminds me of how years ago I did some moving and had to get rid of some books. I was surprised how hard it was for me to give them up, speaking with them before I left: "You, I remember staying up with you all night; you, my first collection of poetry, and you, how you kept me through heartache…"

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