Scattering Sunshine

— Pushpa Macfarlane

I dawdle at the stall over green beads
and baubles, gaze at multicolored
sparkles from glass bracelets and trillion
specks of rainbow confetti. Pixie-dust
sprinkles prance before my eyes
reminding me of Pismo where I stood
still on cold wet sand edging into the ocean,
flirting waters frolicking over my curling
toes. Mesmerized by the radiance
of shimmering crystals dance on waters,
unaware of dark seaweed snake
around my ankles holding me captive
for an instant, I startle at the reflex arc
of my leg kick up in the air, shattering
a mirror of water into thousand bubbles
rising to greet the scattering sunshine.

Back at the stall, a hand brushes past, grabs
the beads. I walk away—my lips wet and salty.

One thought on “Scattering Sunshine

  1. Gorgeous poem! What I love most is the language here; every syllable is a tap, a beat, a syncopation. Read the poem aloud, and it sounds like a spilling marbles onto the floor. Come to think of it, marbles are an apt description for this poem, not only the sounds, but also the way light dances off of marbles, like sunlight on the surface of waves. Just beautiful!

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