And I Spoke

— Lesa Medley

Heartbeat trembling,
it was time…
and I knew it.
It was time to speak
my knees were shaking,
my palms were sweaty.
But I needed to speak…
to speak my truth.
And I needed not only
to be listened to…
but to be heard.
I could hear my heart pounding,
it was beating in my ears.
I was sure that my voice would quaver
and that I would speak too fast.
No matter—can’t worry about that now.
I have to at least try.
So, I took a deep breath,
mustered all of my courage,
and I spoke. And spoke some more.
When I was finished, I sat down.
I was relieved. Relieved it was over.
And proud of myself.
I had survived,
and gotten through it.
I had also made an interesting discovery…
I found out then
that the floor beneath my feet
wouldn’t open up
and swallow me whole,
that the world wouldn’t end
if I spoke…
and gave voice to what was on my mind,
and in my heart.

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