Being a Clone

— Judy Sandretto

Try to imagine if you will
What this was like for me
In the beginning
In the womb
It was peaceful to be twisting and turning
Surrounded by warmth
And contemplating the life ahead of me
When suddenly, and I wondered how this happened
I was face to face with… me!
I was no longer “me”
I was “we.”
My sister thinks it is quite presumptuous
To consider myself the original
When very possibly
It was she.
Judy Lee and Jeannie Marie
Blond hair and blue eyes
Identical twins are clones.
We have identical fingerprints
To the naked eye anyway but
The pattern goes in opposite directions.
We are mirror twins.
We both married men named Richard
My sister thinks it is a coincidence but I don’t
We have three children each.
Our children are half brothers and sisters
Having different fathers but
Hers are mine and mine are hers
Biologically speaking of course.
It has been a lifetime of closeness.
I said when our life on earth is over
We will be soulmates forever.
She thinks she may choose her husband instead.
The alpha and omega
The beginning and the end.
Her soulmate should be me.

One thought on “Being a Clone

  1. Thank you for this, Judy . . . my younger sisters are mirror twins and though I can’t claim gut knowledge of that state, I have lived with them long enough t see some of the pattern you speak of: one embracing the clone-ed-ness, the soul-mate-ed-ness, the seeming one-mind and the other saying "I’ll get back to you on that" and seeming to look outside the duo, perhaps waiting for a better offer . . .

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