The Clown

— David Eisbach

Staring at the computer, my eyes were fixed,
Not really seeing, just feeling frustration over
Things, which didn’t seem to have solutions.
I glanced up and noticed a small clown.

He was clinging near the half-way point of a rope
Rising from a marble base into the heavens.
The white powdered face, puffy red cheeks,
Bulbous nose were all framed in a straw-colored

Dutch Boy hair cut, topped with a too-small dark
Green crenulated cap. The shoes, size twenty, came
out from multi-color trousers, which folded around the rope
like a sitting Buddha. His mittened hands clutched the rope,

and disappeared into the oddly tinted  jacket.
The wire within the rope stiffened it and allowed  it to sway
back and forth. I gave it a tap, setting it in motion.
His mouth was a thin red bow, down at the corners and his

Eyes were oversized with fright.
I began to feel uncomfortable. 
He was trapped, unable to climb up or down.
My thoughts turned to mythology.

I saw Sisyphus pushing that huge boulder up the hill
only to have it roll down again and again.
The Buddhist concept that “life is suffering” Came to mind.
If a person accepts life as it is and detaches himself, then

He doesn’t have to be recycled over and over.
There’s little solace arguing “How many angels can stand on the
head of a pin.” My vision of heaven is a large Petri dish teaming
with billions of microbes Scuttling about.

It makes reincarnation more palatable.
Is my life like the clown’s? Can I change the world? Can I even
Change myself? Is it possible to accept things as they are or
To view things differently?

One thing though, I won’t be pushing that clown anymore.

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