Immaculate Conception II

— Dale Carrasco

Octomom is great,
fabulous, like the discovery of black holes,
virtually unimaginable before,
the universe is suddenly greater then it was

She is a mom, x14, and like Tiger Woods
she carries a great record,
a first and a perfect score, 8 holes in one …
can you really argue against success in a
case like this …

think of Octo mom as the rescue team
pulling eight miners from a cave in,
and what if one lost a leg, another has
lung problems for life, maybe some mental disability …
at least they are alive, not like those other
embryos of those other women
who leave them suffocating
in Petrieified existence

Yes, perfect, Octomom is perfect,
she is so competent at speaking,
honestly when she is finished
I feel like she has put me a crib
where i am speechless and laugh and cry

I think Octo mom is such a dedicated mom
that even if half the eight should die,
she would do it again.  after all
it is her money, and actually she earned
it all last time by working two jobs.

The mother is the mother, the children have no other,
and what stake do YOU have anyway,
you can shift your feet, you can smile real sweet,
but really what can you say

ah … Let her alone, let her gnaw on a bone,
while her children wither away,
a lesson she’ll learn, that if reality you spurn,
well, … “SORRY” … is not enough to say

and don’t you know that we will crow,
and try and put her away,
we will get satisfaction from her malefaction,
if her children don’t survive to play

but that is fantasy, romantasy,
it is, we feel, a hostage situation,
it has the feel of the terrorist deal,
with innocents in matriculation

she has us breaking bad,
we feel so sick and sad,
and somehow we are pissed
like we are being had

What can be done?
grin and bear it?
study the situation
while we wear it?

But please …
the righteous wrath is delicious,
and the cudgeling of her iniquities
positively nutritious

the entertainment
could hardly be better,
and on a cold day …
why … you hardly need a sweater

we choose to squeeze into her shoes
and wince and cry in pain,
why not just each ante up the nickel
and count our beneficence  our gain

I mean …
she serves us very well …
an immaculate conception
from a perfect …

Holy Cow! … fourteen children

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