March 15, 1980

— Judy Sandretto

Coming down the stairs I saw smiling faces
while floating in my wedding dress
and he wasn’t looking at me.

I went to stand beside him and he stared ahead
as the minister read from The Prophet
the words we had carefully chosen
for our children to hear
and our mothers held hands.

The minister asked us to repeat after him
and we exchanged our simple rings.
We were husband and wife.
Only then did he look at me
and he smiled.

He always said that I was a part of him
and that we were one.
He thought that he was strong
and that he would carry me
when all I wanted was to create a beautiful world for him.

I couldn’t breath.

Life is good today.,
It is peaceful here.
My family surrounds me
and they treasure me.

I am treasured.

I am a treasure
made of precious metal
and polished with a soft cloth.

I am where I belong.

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