The Words

— Vicki L. Harvey

My thoughts surround me with poetry of yesterday.

My soul longs to be free from the memories that haunt me.
I squirm with mental confusion so deep.
The “I miss you” still so present becoming quite a bore,
needing radical change.

My thoughts surround me as I gaze out
the window to the only single cloud like
velvet snow.
What’s up there in the cool blue sky?

Imagine a marble stairway going
upwards to all that has gone before.
It is not my job to find all that is lost.

My body feels stiff with unresolved
questions that no longer matter.

Imagine nothing less than a baby feline
drinking life from a beautiful glass cup.

See the soft blaze of fire reflecting on
the face of someone dear with an orange
glow deep in contemplation.

Hear the sound of bellows breath done
in unison knowing it is the bath for the

Note: This poem was inspired by a creative writing exercise where the writers were given a list of words to incorporate into their work. Vicki used all the provided words, which are marked here in bold.

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