Open-Mic Readers, April 2012

The following readers presented poems at the open mic on April 19, 2012:

Casey FitzSimons “Summer” by William Taylor Jr. and her own “Hot Sunday in Charleston”
Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Questions about Butterflies” by David Hernandez, and her own “Double Helix”
Jerry Dyer “My Heart” by Frank O’Hara, and his own poem: “Raccoon Face”
Dennis Richardson “Making the List I Will Never Make” by Bob Hicok, and his own “Quantum Mechanics and Me”
Jeffrey Leonard “Leavings” by Wendell Berry, and his own “Trash Day”
Vicki L. Harvey “Dharma” by Billy Collins, and her own “Borders Writing Group, 2002”
Robbie Sugg “Target Practice” by Gary Snyder, and his own “Passing Through the Heart”
David Richardson “Dumb Drunk” by Jerry Dyer, and his own “Bacon & Eggs Pizza”
Renée Schell “Perpendicular”
Vuong Vu “Ocean 1 2, 1 2- W” by Sylvia Plath, and his own “Mermaid”
Diane Moomey “The Holy One, Disguised” by Kabir (translated by Robert Bly) and her own “Precious”
Harry Lafnear “Gifts with no Giver, #48” by Nimrala, and his own “Ringer”
Al Preciado “Tonight I Can Write” by Pablo Neruda, and his own “Queen of the Islands”
Christine Richardson “Here, Bullet” by Brian Turner, and her own “I Am”
Pushpa Macfarlane “Atlas of the Difficult World” by Adrienne Rich, and her own “A Bite of Your Apple”
John O. Espinoza “Black Candle” by Osip Mandelstam, and his own “Los Manos de Mis Padres”
Penelope Duckworth “Laud” by Emily Dickinson, an one poem of her own
Ainsley Kelly “Vinegar and Oil” by Jane Hirshfield, and her own “After drought”
Dennis Noren “Spring is like a perhaps hand” by e e cummings, and his own “Accelerate,” a featured poem in Sally Ashton’s Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Poetry on the Move project
Dave Eisbach “The Cuckoo-Clock Repair Shop” by Julie Dunlop, and his own “Solution”
Nick Butterfield “86-ed” by Charles Bukowski, and “Charles Bukowski, 1920-1994” by David Alexandrov
Cathy Adkins “The Path Not Taken,” by Robert Frost, and “And You Shall Know Them by Their Numbers” by Dennis Richardson
Jeanne Glad “N’Djamena CHAD” by Andreas Morgner, and her own poem: “The Box”
John Landry “Ode on a Monochord” by Lou Harrison, and his own “Resisting Confrontation”
Joel Katz “The Mandolin” by Rick Bursky, and his own “Listening to Adrienne Rich”
Paul Highby “The Poets Light but Lamps” by Emily Dickinson, and his own “Like a Flower, Like a Seed”
Maya Hough “My Mother’s Maiden Name” and “I Would Love To”
Katie Carter “He Thought He Saw a Bug” by Matt Cook, and her own “In the Bin”
Steven Rodgers A poem by Robert Frost, and one of his own
Bonnie George “Sonnet 43” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, from Sonnets from the Portuguese, and her own “Gremic Skates… Boards and Roller”

Poets, please let us know if our list needs corrections or additions. Names and titles are easy to miss in the excitement of the evening. Especially this month!

One thought on “Open-Mic Readers, April 2012

  1. Hi–I read my own poem and another person’s at this reading, but there is no notation of this fact reflected here? Seems like it appeared once before. I’m ocnfused!

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