Border’s Writing Group 2002

— Vicki L. Harvey

The crumpled receipt fell out of the folder
titled “Borders Writing Group 2002”,
the receipt for a Billy Collin’s book dated
July 11, 2002.  Funny that the book is titled
“Sailing Alone Around the Room”.
Memories come flooding back like
the broken hydrant on Lombard Street,
swirling in circular motion around my brain.

Los Gatos Bound…
A special time, conversation deep,
meaningful, like nothing before.
Not wanting to arrive…
Wanting the dialogue to never end.
Arriving to new and special friends
and experiences.
Learning to play with words,
craving your admiration,
not wanting to leave…
Wanting our competitive spirits to soar
to unbelievable heights.
Writing incredible twenty minute poems,
bonding in a way I never thought

You were my muse!
I was your muse!

Borders came to an end.
You graduated earth school.
I ache…

One thought on “Border’s Writing Group 2002

  1. That ending, Vicki, my goodness, is such an emotional blow to the gut: "You graduated earth school…" The real reward in poetry is not the poems that we write in life, but the life we find while writing poems.

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